Call Your MPP

And tell them to stand up for public education

Call Your MPP

From increasing class sizes to eliminating funding and supports for special education and at-risk students, the government's cuts are taking us backward.

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We’ve provided some talking points below.
If you don't get through, leave a voicemail.
If you live in a riding without a Conservative MPP, you will be connected to the Minister of Education's office.
Make sure to mention you are a constituent when you are connected to your MPP’s office.

Here are some key talking points you may consider for your call:

  • If you’re calling your local MPP, make sure to mention you are their constituent.
  • It is clear that the government’s decisions are being driven entirely by the goal of cutting at least $1 billion from the education budget.
  • This year, some students will be in classes with more than 40 students. This will make it next to impossible for students to receive the individualized attention they need to succeed.
  • High school students will be forced to take some e-learning courses. However, research has shown not all students succeed using this platform – vulnerable and at-risk students are especially disadvantaged.
  • Smaller classes and individualized attention mean better outcomes and more one-on-one time for students.
  • Tell them you are aware of the reduction in high school course offerings, some of which are essential for post-secondary education.
  • The loss of essential student supports will hurt Ontario’s most vulnerable students, including at-risk youth, students with special education needs, and English language learners.
  • Ontario schools need investments to ensure teachers can create a positive learning environment that encourages student achievement.

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