Class sizes

Classrooms need more resources, not more students.

Numerous studies have identified the many benefits students enjoy from smaller class sizes, including increased engagement, motivation, and academic success. The Ford government raised class sizes in Grades 4 to 12 before the pandemic began. And since the onset of COVID-19, the government has refused to follow the recommendations of public health experts to reduce class sizes, which has put students’ health and safety at risk. 

To address pandemic-related learning loss and support a robust recovery, the Ford government must invest in smaller class sizes to provide all students with a safe and enriching learning environment. 

Smaller class sizes benefit everyone

  • Smaller class sizes mean teachers can spend less time on classroom management and more time on preparation and instruction. They also allow for more student engagement. Students in smaller classes a better able to stay on-task, with more one-on-one teacher-student engagement.
  • Ontario’s classrooms are incredibly diverse, and include students with mental and/or physical disabilities, learning exceptionalities, language barriers, and a variety of socio-economic circumstances. Different classroom compositions require different sets of resources and supports to meet all students’ needs. Smaller class sizes enable teachers to create a positive learning environment, with better outcomes for all students. 


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