Demand Safe, Open Schools

Tell the Ford government to act immediately and do what is needed so that schools can stay safe and open.

Take Action

By refusing to invest in the critical health and safety measures that experts have been demanding for almost two years, the Ford government has created chaos, with repeated school closures and the longest disruption to in-person learning anywhere in North America. 

Students are suffering the consequences of this government’s reckless inaction.

Everyone – students, teachers, education workers, and families – wants schools open for in-person learning.

Enough is enough, Premier Ford. We need increased safety measures so schools do not need to close again.

Sign the Petition

Sign this petition and tell the Ford government to:

  • Prioritize PCR test accessibility and make rapid antigen tests available to everyone in schools;
  • Reinstitute case count reporting and implement a comprehensive COVID-19 testing and tracing program;
  • Reduce class sizes to promote physical distancing;
  • Prioritize access to booster shots for all teachers and education workers;
  • Immediately provide all teachers and education workers with N95 masks, as well as the best possible masks to all students; and
  • Improve ventilation and install HEPA filters in all classrooms and public areas in schools, with publicly available air quality metrics and standards, in recognition and acceptance of the fact that the virus is airborne.

The Ford government must act immediately and do what is needed so that schools can stay safe and open.