Efforts to eliminate racism and systemic barriers in our schools must be accompanied by proper funding and supports.

The government’s destreaming plan is oversimplified, underfunded, and rushed, jeopardizing its success.  

Without additional supports for students, smaller class sizes so that teachers can provide more individual attention, and proper consultation with educators, the Ford government’s anti-discrimination exercises are more performance than substance. But with the real added consequence that they may inadvertently exacerbate existing problems and prove counterproductive to improving equity and outcomes for all students.

Destreaming requires real funding and meaningful collaboration

  • To succeed, destreaming must be accompanied by properly funded and resourced programs, with appropriate teacher-led professional development opportunities and meaningful government collaboration with teachers and education stakeholders.
  • Smaller class sizes are essential to any destreaming plan, so that teachers can provide students with more individual attention and differentiated instruction.
  • A robust suite of supports must also be in place to address the needs of equity-deserving students both in and outside the classroom, including resources for mental health and wellness.

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