Say no to hybrid learning

Tell the Ford government to reject the failed hybrid model.

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In hybrid classes, some students attend in-person, while others join virtually from home, forcing teachers to split their attention between the two. Whether students are in-person or learning from home, they deserve the full and dedicated attention of a teacher. The hybrid model is just another way for the Ford government to cut costs and push its privatization agenda, instead of investing the resources required to ensure every student gets the learning environment they need to succeed.

Hybrid learning compromises the learning experience for everyone.

The Ford government needs to end the failed hybrid model, make schools safe for in-person learning, and provide investments to ensure classrooms are ‘in-person only’ or ‘online only.’

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Fill out the form and write to the Ford government.

Write the Ford government now. Tell them they need to do everything they can to help students succeed and reject the failed hybrid model.