I know class size matters

The evidence tells us that smaller classes mean better outcomes. Tell the government to know more.

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Adam, Teacher

What's happening

Premier Ford’s government intends to increase class size averages in Grades 4 through 12, resulting in the loss of thousands of teaching positions, and a reduction in the programs and supports available for students. Some class sizes, including in core subjects such as math, are likely to grow to more than 40 students.

What we know about smaller class sizes

Smaller class sizes enable teachers to spend less time on classroom management, and more time on preparation and instruction, while students remain on-task and engaged. They also allow for more one-on-one engagement between teacher and student, providing the opportunity to meet students’ individual needs.

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What you can do

Ontario schools need investments to ensure teachers can create a positive learning environment that encourages student achievement. Don’t let the government take more money out of education.

Tell the government to stop jeopardizing our future

Tell the government to invest in education

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