I know equity is essential

We know these cuts will do the most harm to the most vulnerable students. Tell the government to know more.

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Kirsten, Teacher

What's happening

The Ford government has made a number of cuts to publicly funded education, many of them involving services and supports that are meant to help our most vulnerable students, including those with special education needs or who are at risk of falling through the cracks.  

What we know about equity in our schools

The evidence tells us that publicly funded education works best when we create a level playing field, one where all students have the resources and opportunity to thrive.

Learn more about the importance of services and programs to promote equity and inclusion.

What you can do

Ontario schools need investments to ensure that every child in Ontario has a chance to learn, grow, and succeed. Tell the government to give every student a bright future.

Tell the government to stop jeopardizing our future

Tell the government to invest in education

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