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The evidence tells us Ontario’s finances are not in crisis. Tell the government to know more.

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Michael, Teacher

What's happening

Doug Ford is exaggerating Ontario’s fiscal circumstances to justify his agenda of reducing government spending and implementing tax cuts that will mostly benefit wealthy individuals and corporations. The unveiling of his first budget proves he is more concerned with reducing the cost of beer for Ontarians than providing vital social services.

Our real fiscal reality

Ontario’s finances are not in crisis. Despite claims of unsustainable government expenditures, Ontario is one of the lowest per capita spenders on government programs of any Canadian province or territory. The real problem is that years of tax cuts for wealthy individuals and corporations have limited the government’s ability to fund essential services.

See what the research has to say

What you can do

It is simply not possible to reduce spending in education, health, social services, and other areas without negatively affecting the well-being of individuals and families. There is also considerable evidence to show that these investments benefit the broader society and economy. Don’t let the government cut the services our society needs.

Tell the government to stop jeopardizing our future

Tell the government to invest in education

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