I know funding cuts impact everyone

The evidence tells us that cuts are not the answer. Tell the government to know more.

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Raeshu, Parent

What's happening

Doug Ford’s government is jeopardizing our future. Decisions about publicly funded education are not being made with the needs of students and teachers in mind, and hundreds of millions of dollars are being taken out of our schools.

Read about the cuts the Ford government have made to education so far, and how they plan to underfund our schools moving forward.

What we know about education funding

The evidence tells us that investments in quality publicly funded education help students grow and succeed, which contributes to the long-term health and prosperity of our province.

Learn more about how investments in education can move our province forward.

What you can do

Ontario schools need investments to ensure teachers can create positive learning environments that encourage student achievement. Don’t let the government take away the resources our students need.

Tell the government to stop jeopardizing our future

Tell the government to invest in education

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