I know Ford’s facts don’t add up

The evidence tells us students are performing well, even in math. Tell the government to know more.

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Candice, Teacher

What's happening

Doug Ford is trying to create a crisis in education. He repeatedly talks about how half of Ontario’s students are failing math. This is simply not true. The government is deliberately misleading Ontarians to justify decisions to cut hundreds of millions of dollars out of our education system.

How Ontario’s students are really doing

Ontario students are not failing. In almost all areas, student achievement has increased considerably over the past 15 years. The provincial standard for the Grade 6 standardized math test is equivalent to a grade of B. And when we look at international assessments, our students continue to be world leaders in science, literacy, and math. While we support efforts to improve student achievement, evidence shows that the government’s plan to test teacher-candidates will not accomplish this goal.

See what the research has to say

What you can do

We can always strive to do better. But cutting programs and increasing class sizes will not support student learning and achievement. Don’t let the government take away the resources our students need to succeed.

Tell the government to stop jeopardizing our future

Tell the government to invest in education

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