I know it's impossible to do more with less

Evidence shows that more support for students leads to better outcomes. Tell the government to know more.

Tell your MPP

Shannon, Teacher

What's happening

Across the province, necessary supports are being stripped from our schools. From classroom teachers, to curriculum resources, to specialized education programs— there aren’t many areas of Ontario’s education system that haven’t been affected by Premier Ford’s cuts.

What we know about the need for more supports for students

There is such a diversity of need among all students at all grade levels. Whether a student needs special education or mental health supports, extra assistance with literacy and numeracy, or specialized programs to build job-specific skills, our schools should be there to support them.

Check out what teachers and other experts have to say about the need for more supports here.

What you can do

Ontario schools need investments to ensure teachers can create a positive learning environment that encourages student achievement. Don’t let the government take more money out of education.

Contact your local MPP and tell them that students need more supports, not less

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