Demand a real learning recovery plan

Tell the Ford government to address student learning loss and invest in a robust, multi-year learning recovery plan that focuses on student success.

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The Ford government has created chaos, with repeated school closures and the longest disruption to in-person learning anywhere in North America. Ontario students need a real learning recovery plan, with investments in mental health and well-being, more professional services, and smaller class sizes, so students get the individual support they deserve.  

Ontario’s publicly funded schools need a real learning recovery plan.

To address learning loss and support a robust recovery focused on student success, the Ford government must invest in:

  • Smaller class sizes, so students can get the focused, individual attention from teachers they need;
  • More professional services and supports, to address learning loss and mental health needs; and
  • Improved school infrastructure and technology.

Take Action

Fill out the form and write to the Ford government.

 Write to the Ford government now. Tell them they need to invest in a robust, multi-year learning recovery plan.