Learning Recovery

Ontario students need a robust, multi-year learning recovery plan that addresses student learning loss and focuses on student success.

Ontario students need a real learning recovery plan, with government investments in mental health and well-being, more professional services, and smaller class sizes, so students get the individual support they deserve.  

The government’s proposals and actions to date fall well short of what students need to recover and thrive.

Ontario’s publicly funded schools need a real learning recovery plan

  • Smaller class sizes to give students more time with teachers, and ensure all students have access to the necessary resources and supports.
  • More professional services and supports, to address learning loss and mental health needs.
  • Improvements to school infrastructure and technology.
  • Significantly expand in-class services and resources to help students get more classroom time with teachers on subjects in which they are struggling.
  • Increase the Learning Opportunities Grant Demographic Allocation, which promotes equitable learning environments, regardless of social, economic, or educational barriers.
  • Implement the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ comprehensive 13-point plan to help get our schools back on track.

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