Tell the Ford government to immediately reinstate the mask mandate in schools

Everyone – students, teachers, education workers, and families – wants schools safely open for in-person learning.

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Schools are the largest daily gathering places in Ontario, and masking remains one of the most effective proactive and protective measures to reduce COVID-19 transmission in our communities and classrooms.

Ontario’s students have already suffered enough as a result of the Ford government’s recklessness, repeated failures, and refusal to address COVID-19 in our schools and communities.

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Tell the Ford government to immediately reinstate the masking mandate in Ontario schools.

COVID-19 is not over.
  • Ontario is seeing more than 100,000 COVID-19 cases a day.
  • Teacher and education worker absences related to COVID-19 are going unfilled at an unprecedented rate.
  • The number of children being admitted to hospitals with COVID-19 symptoms is spiking.
For the safety and well-being of our children, it is imperative that the Ford government follow the science, drop the political posturing, and immediately reinstate the masking mandate for everyone working and learning in schools.