I Know Good Learning Conditions Produce Positive Results

Evidence shows that publicly funded school facilities and technology desperately need to be upgraded.

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What’s Happening

Ontario’s publicly funded schools are in trouble. Many are in such a state of disrepair that the cost of renewal now exceeds $16 billion dollars. Hundreds of them may need to be replaced entirely.

Also, data show that there’s a persistent lack of funding in technology, poor or uneven internet connectivity, and insufficient access to professional development for teachers. A 2018 report by the Ontario Auditor General found that students’ access to classroom technology varied widely across the province, along with the age of equipment and software.

Infrastructure and Technology Can’t Be Neglected

Research has clearly established the relationship between school facility conditions, student academic achievement, and teacher effectiveness. We need substantial, sustained investments to ensure students and teachers aren’t forced to learn and work in buildings with leaking roofs, poor ventilation, mold, and other dangers.

What you can do

Ontario schools need investments to ensure teachers and students are working in safe environments with adequate facilities and technology. A 21st century education demands 21st century resources.

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