I Know We Must Work Together to Support Vulnerable Communities

Evidence shows a disturbing lack of support for those that need it most.

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What’s Happening

Our publicly funded schools are committed to inclusion, but there is much more to be done to break down systemic prejudice and discrimination. We need more funding to support Indigenous students and English language learners. We also need specific, comprehensive policies to address anti-Black racism. And we must continue to support Gay-Straight Alliances and other initiatives that promote respect for students, teachers, education workers, and other members of our communities who identify as LGBTQSI+.

What’s more, we need to step up our efforts to combat poverty and inequality, especially as we recover from a pandemic that has disproportionately impacted the most vulnerable. Nearly one in five children in Ontario still lives in poverty, and teachers see the consequences every day in our classrooms.

We Need to Promote the Common Good

Fairness, equity, and social justice benefit everyone. By providing adequate, well-funded social assistance, decent work and working conditions, and efficient and effective public services, we can help all Ontarians participate and contribute in their communities.

What you can do

Ontario can’t move forward if we are leaving people behind. Tell the government that promoting equity and combating discrimination are essential for Ontario’s long-term health and prosperity.

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