Promoting equity

Our publicly funded schools are committed to inclusion, but more must be done to promote equity and combat discrimination.

Ontario’s publicly funded education system can’t move forward if we are leaving students behind. 

Action and investment to address inequities in our schools are more pressing than ever, as as the pandemic has exacerbated and further widened Ontario’s existing equity gaps.

All students in Ontario deserve a rich educational experience

  • Our schools need more funding to support Indigenous students, English language learners, students with disabilities, and students with special education needs.
  • The government must develop specific, comprehensive policies to address discrimination and inequality faced by Black, racialized, and other equity-deserving students and their families, including those from socio-economically disadvantaged groups. We must continue to support Gay-Straight Alliances and other initiatives that promote respect for students, teachers, education workers, and other members of our communities who identify as LGBTQ2SI+. 

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