Quality In-Person Learning

In-person learning is essential to student success and well-being.

Research has established that in-person learning is the ideal and most equitable learning model for students, offering the benefits of one-on-one interaction with educators, socialization with friends, and a breadth of extracurricular activities. 

Schools are more than just desks. They are a community — a source of safety, identity, and the ideal environment to learn, practice, and grow. 

In-person learning is key to student success

  • In-person learning provides the best environment to realize student success, promoting greater well-being, academic achievement, and fostering a life-long love of learning. 
  • Experts have highlighted that keeping schools open safely to in-person learning is a critical factor in promoting student well-being, as it enables teachers and education workers to provide the individual attention and holistic social, emotional, and academic supports to help students realize their full potential.
  • Expanding online learning and privatizing aspects of Ontario’s publicly funded education system will lead students to lose out on vital interactions with teachers, education workers, and other students. Inequalities would increase, and learning gaps would widen, especially among students with special education needs, Indigenous students, and those from vulnerable and equity-deserving communities.

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