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The government is making dramatic changes to Ontario’s world-renowned publicly funded education system that are already having a detrimental impact on Ontario’s students.

Ontario’s Catholic teachers know that our schools need investments, not cuts.

What's happening:

Ontario’s Catholic teachers have been engaged in negotiations for a new contract with the Ford government since May 2019. Throughout the negotiations, the government has refused to engage on the key issues. Instead, they have insisted that we must accept their deep cuts to education.

What this means for students:

The government’s proposed cuts include increased class sizes in Grades 4 through 12, mandatory e-learning for secondary students, and the loss of vital services and supports for our most vulnerable students. They also will not commit to maintaining Ontario’s world-leading full-day Kindergarten program.

Thousands of teaching positions and tens of thousands of course options would be lost. Many classes, including in core subjects such as math, would grow to 40 students or more. Students would be forced to learn without the resources and supports they need, and their options for post-secondary work or study would be reduced significantly.

What we are doing:

Teachers are the last line of defence against these cuts. We are engaged in job action to send a clear message to the Ford government that we cannot accept an agreement that would have devastating, long-term consequences for student learning.  

What you can do:

Lend your voice! Send the government a message and tell them to reverse their cuts to education. Let them know that Ontarians do not support their regressive education agenda.  

Take Action

It’s the only way to make a difference. Contact your representatives and demand they stop the cuts. Then spread the word to your networks!