the cuts

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The government is deliberately misleading Ontarians about what is happening in the publicly funded education system.

What's happening:

One of the government’s most drastic changes is their plan to increase the high school class size average from 22 to 28 students. This means that as teachers and education workers retire or leave the profession, school boards will not have the money to replace them.

The real impact of cuts across the province

This interactive map shows the teaching positions that will be lost in each community, mapped by school system.

What this means for students:

If the government’s plan were to be implemented fully, thousands of teaching positions and tens of thousands of course options would be lost. Many classes, including in core subjects such as math, would grow to 40 students or more. Students would be forced to learn without the resources and supports they need, and their options for post-secondary work or study would be reduced significantly.

What you can do:

Ontario schools need investments to ensure students have access to the courses and resources they need to succeed. Stand with teachers and call on the government to reverse their cuts to education.

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