Stand Up For Publicly Funded Education

Our publicly funded schools are among the very best in the world. But there is more that needs to be done to help every student thrive.

Learn the facts about what’s happening in our classrooms, and what students and teachers need to succeed.

What we stand for


Quality Publicly Funded Education for All

Every student deserves access to the resources and supports necessary for a good education.


Safe and Healthy Schools

Students and teachers need modern learning and working environments, with safe facilities and planning that puts everyone’s health first.


Social and Economic Justice

Ontario’s most vulnerable populations deserve the opportunity to thrive.

Current Challenges

Safe and Sustainable Schools

Teachers are back in classrooms, but the COVID-19 pandemic is still here, and the Ford government’s school reopening plan doesn’t include the safety precautions we need to keep everyone safe.

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Doug Ford’s Regressive Education Agenda

With major cuts, hasty reforms, and frequent mistruths, the Ford government has consistently undermined Ontario’s world-class publicly funded education system.  

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Premier Ford: Enough with the deception. Make our schools safe!