Stand up for publicly funded education.

All students deserve a learning environment where they can succeed. Ontario’s publicly funded schools need real government action and investment.

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Ontario’s publicly funded schools are world-class, but after two years of pandemic-related disruptions and learning loss, students deserve real action and investment. The government must invest in the necessary resources to ensure that every student gets the learning environment they need to recover and thrive.

Learn more about what’s happening in our classrooms, and what students need to succeed.

What Teachers Are Saying

Ontario educators are qualified, frontline professionals who know what students need to learn, grow, and succeed.

Learn what students need to thrive.

Challenges and Opportunities

Learning Recovery

After two years of pandemic disruption, see what teachers say students need in order to recover and succeed, and how we can continue to build on Ontario’s world-class publicly funded education system.

Consultation and Collaboration

Schools work best when there is meaningful collaboration between the government and teachers. The government needs to listen to, and respect, the expertise of frontline educators, and make decisions based on evidence, not ideology.

Standardized Testing

Standardized testing negatively impacts students’ health and well-being, and is not the best indicator of student learning and knowledge. Teachers know their students and are the best at assessing and supporting their learning.


Efforts to eliminate racism, discrimination, and all systemic barriers in our schools are critical, but the government’s destreaming plan is oversimplified, underfunded, and rushed, jeopardizing its success.

Online Learning

Students learn best when they are in class, with a dedicated teacher, and can interact with their peers. Online learning may work in some circumstances, but it is not for all students. And it can disadvantage many students.

Our Priorities

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